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C-Mowes Key Club

Rating: 4.20 out of 5 | Club Type: Nude | Lap Dances: Yes | VIP Area: No | Private Rooms: Yes
Club has been rebuilt. It's just a prefab building, but some of the girls are very friendly.
Lap Dance: Yes
Full Grind: Yes

2107 Kings Highway
Washington Park, Illinois
United States
Phone: (618) 271-6924

Date Added: 2/15/2002

Last Update: 11/23/2011
Private Rooms: Yes
VIP Area: No

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Yes

Pornstars: Unknown

Dress: Unknown

Bar Type: Full Bar

Serve Food: No Food

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Reviews - Review This Club

Debbie is still awesome

2/20/2012 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
Not all girls are bad dont let the stupidity of 3, who no longer work there, hurt the good honest girls still working there. the 3 now work at wiseguys.(tori,lexi and gabby). Debbie is really sweet and frindly just ignore the drunken bartender.
- Jack Roberts


5/27/2011 - Rating: 3 Club: 3 Girls: 3
Club really sucks. The place is dirty. The bathrooms are terrible. Most of the girls are crackheads. Would like to be able to talk to a girl and maybe buy her a drink without the bartender begging for 10 - 15 dollar drinks all day. She was already drunk enough.
- niceguymark

Debbie is best girl ever

4/25/2011 - Rating: 4 Club: 4 Girls: 4
Debbie is awesome. peaches is an addict shgootin up and what not. most of the rest are crack heads . remember you get what you pay for.which in some cases might be more than you want. and good luck getting a drink without being harassesd by the fat ass Brittany for drinks. $15 drinks at that. drunk ass bitch. Debbie is nice and sweet and very charismatic.Debbie is A+++ #1 girl at c-mowes
- Luther Schlepstein

Full Service

12/30/2009 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
The place has changed since its' previous incarnation before the fire. The girls are not the greatest but very compliant, offering extra services. Money talks.
- btzsplk

Has been rebuilt!

5/23/2009 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
C mowes was rebulit in late 2007 or early 2008. Can;t remember. But anyway, it is back!!!
- anonymous

The place burned down

7/24/2006 - Rating: 3 Club: 3 Girls: 3
It is gone for now.
- Anonymous

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