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Desiree's (formerly Infinity)

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 | Club Type: Topless | Lap Dances: Yes | VIP Area: Yes | Private Rooms: Yes
Lap Dance: Yes
Full Grind: Unknown

330 W Washington
San Angelo, Texas
United States
Phone: (915) 655-3296

Date Added: 2/15/2002

Last Update: 1/26/2012
Private Rooms: Yes
VIP Area: Yes

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Unknown

Pornstars: Unknown

Dress: Unknown

Bar Type: Full Bar

Serve Food: Unknown

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Reviews - Review This Club

Not bad - find the right girl and avoid security

4/25/2012 - Rating: 3 Club: 3 Girls: 3
Security was overbearing, but the girls didn't agree with their calls. The girl giving me a lap dance flipped the bird to the bouncer and gave me the dance I wanted. Lap Dances are $25 most nights, but sometimes the DJ will throw out $1 "quick" lap dances which last longer if you have a stack of $1s. Didn't see security in the VIP room, but couldn't afford the $100. You can get a non-VIP booth for $50, but it's best to split the cost between friends. Girls are friendly and will sit with you, but you won't get high mileage unless you're in the VIP. Girls were OK looking; only found two hot girls. Most girls were skinny with no tits or heavy. The two chicks I liked were nice and curvy, with great asses, not too skinny, but definitely not fat, had decent size tits and great tans. Club was OK...had 6 pool tables and plenty of seats. 10 girls on a Tuesday night, but only 2 met my needs. Only about 25 customers, but some of them seemed like boyfriends of the dancers. Waitresses will rub on you so they can keep your change, but they don't give much effort and bug you non-stop for more drinks. Just ignore them when they come by too often. Desiree's is the only game in town, so you'll see a lot of rule following. You would think the girls would be hotter in a college town... Hope this helps everyone
- K

Valeria of Infinity

1/31/2003 - Rating: 4.5 Club: 4 Girls: 5
Saw this hot black girl Dancing at Infinity, she was the most beautiful girl i have seen!, awesome body!, i highly recommend seeing her!, i beleive her name is Valeria, she is a local student from san angelo state university
- Vendetta

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