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Jill`s Lounge

Rating: 3.83 out of 5 | Club Type: Nude | Lap Dances: Unknown | VIP Area: Unknown | Private Rooms: Unknown
Lap Dance: Unknown
Full Grind: Unknown

1000 Coventry Rd
Dallas, West Virginia
United States
Phone: (305) 547-9760

Date Added: 2/15/2002
Private Rooms: Unknown
VIP Area: Unknown

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Unknown

Pornstars: Unknown

Bar Type: Full Bar

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Reviews - Review This Club

Upstairs was awesome

4/23/2012 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
Went upstairs with a girl named Lander(not real) LOL. She took her clothes off and started a dance naked of course. She then without asking unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock. I asked what the tip was for that and she said that I was her first of the day and she just wanted to suck me and then get off. I asked if I could lick her pussy and fuck her, she said yes and I licked her pussy until she came. I then fucked her and came on her tits. We didnt have anything to wipe it off with so I used my tighty whities and went commando for the rest of the night. She of course got a good tip. $100 as she was excellent.
- Al

Truck driver haven

11/13/2002 - Rating: 3 Club: 3 Girls: 3
It was a nice place with some nice girls. I got scanned for weapons entering the place, and I had to write down my name and the state I lived it, which I thought was wierd. I didn't ask about the lap dances or extras, but the beer I think was $4 each and if you sit in the back, the girls know you are there for the show only, and don't bother you alot, but on the other hand, they give you alot of attention if you sit close. I would like to go again.
- strip club kid

not bad!

5/16/2002 - Rating: 3.5 Club: 4 Girls: 3
This club has a great atmosphere. The girls are pretty hot, and will definitely get your motor running. I believe they have big name features from time to time, too, but when i was there all that was around was local poon - not necessarily a bad thing.
- Raincoater

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