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Legends Cabaret

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 | Club Type: Nude | Lap Dances: Yes | VIP Area: No | Private Rooms: Yes
Lap Dance: Yes
Lap Dance: $30.00
Full Grind: Unknown

6333 Richmond Ave
Houston, Texas 77077
United States
Phone: (713) 781-6333

Date Added: 4/2/2003

Last Update: 3/6/2009
Private Rooms: Yes
VIP Area: No

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Yes

Pornstars: Unknown

Dress: Casual

Cover: $20.00

Minimum Age: 18

Bar Type: BYOB

Serve Food: No Food

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Reviews - Review This Club

oohh weee!

11/1/2012 - Rating: 4.5 Club: 4 Girls: 5
I usually don't go to strip tease joints, but last night I had the pleasure of going to Legends and it was amazing! A young lady by the name of Khristal introduced herself and showed me why she is so named.Also they have plenty of security so you can feel safe, and enjoy the sights and sounds of a night to remember.
- Skeptical No More

This club is terrible!!

7/8/2011 - Rating: 1 Club: 1 Girls: 1
My husband and I where on vacation and saw the 4 out of 5 stars for Legends so decided we would go there. We parked in the Legends parking lot and walked towards the door where we were met by a man in street clothes with a super thick accent who said "$5 to park". We told him we didn't want valet parking, he said self park. So we paid $5 to park our own car. We walked in and saw that all the dancers and most the customers where African American. Not a problem for us, we are in no way racist. (We are caucasion) No one would even look at us, let alone talk to us for the first 30 minutes. Finally a dancer named Infinaty came over and made conversation with me and my husband. I bought a dance from Infinity, and during that tine 2 dancers came up to my husband and asked who he was with? When he told them he was with me, they turned and walked away without saying another word. After about an hour I went to the bar and asked a couple dancers where the restroom was. They, very rudely said "dunno, we're new." I asked the bartender who rudley pointed to the corner and said "over there". During my walk to the restroom (which was in the dancers dressing room, by the way!) I was given multiple dirty looks from every dancer that walked by me. I would NEVER go back to this club or recommend it to anyone!!! Unless your African American, you'd be better off to hit another club!
- M.Kinslow

best club in my eyes

4/27/2010 - Rating: 4.5 Club: 4 Girls: 5
i went there with bf for a hr i got a wrist to go up stairs got a nice dance from a girl then i left and cam back without my bf i had better time when i was alone i got a free dance from a girl but Ive had 4 girls introduce to me but every on has different tastes but i give my all to this club
- kristi

Excellent...Best in Houston

12/24/2008 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
It's been a while since I was in Houston. But I have great memories of my visits to Legends. The last time I was there was Mid 2005. Unfortunately I have not been back to the USA since then. It's now 24th Dec 2008 & I'm working in India. (I know where I would rather be tonight....Yeah thats right (Leg Ends) as I Nicknamed it. The club is well run & at the time the ladies were very sexy & raunchy. Private room visits were a must.(Well when I was there they were.) And worth every penny.The ladies were also very friendly ;-) I spent many a happy time in there.And hope to do so again. And all this from a Brit. Mike (UK)
- Mike


2/18/2008 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
By far the best strip club I've ever been to. It's fully nude, BYOB, and the atomosphere is great! We went while at Supercross and I think I enjoyed the strip club more than the races!
- Justin

Definitely worth checkin this place out.....

12/22/2007 - Rating: 4 Club: 4 Girls: 4
This place is definitely worth checking out. You have to pay $20 to get a VIP wrist band to be able to get lap dances, but the rooms are pretty private, so it's worth it.
- Anonymous


12/2/2007 - Rating: 1.5 Club: 1 Girls: 2
On a Saturday night you'd expect the place to be packed, right? Not even close! There was a small selection of girls and not many people there. The atmosphere was dull and lifeless, despite the DJ's enthusiastic efforts to get the crowd excited. The girls were also not to my liking, a bit too heavy for my taste. I left without so much as a dance, but YMMV though.
- doomdark

Night out with the boys...

9/15/2006 - Rating: 4.5 Club: 5 Girls: 4
I have been to several strip clubs across the nation (I was in the Army), but none of them can compare to the experience you get at Legends. To start out with it's BYOB. This means you're more then welcome to bring a small cooler filled with your favorite drinks. Second, there is no cover before 10 on weekdays. This makes it convenient for those of us on a budget. And lastly, they're all-nude. Who can complain about that?! The security is good and the DJ keeps the crowed lively and entertained. The establishment itself is kept clean and all of their stages are circulated by the dancers. There are private booths, so the lap dances are easier to enjoy and for the most part, everyone is generally friendly.
- Dubbie

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