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Rating: 2.25 out of 5 | Club Type: Nude | Lap Dances: Unknown | VIP Area: Unknown | Private Rooms: Unknown
Lap Dance: Unknown
Full Grind: Unknown

8315 East Colfax Ave
Denver, Colorado
United States
Phone: (303) 377-0207

Date Added: 2/15/2002
Private Rooms: Unknown
VIP Area: Unknown

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Unknown

Pornstars: Unknown

Bar Type: None

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Best bang for your buck

4/5/2004 - Rating: 2.5 Club: 2 Girls: 3
The place is a little on the "dumpy" side, but the girls more than make up for it. The girls range from "average-looking" to the "knockout stuck-up" type. The only thing that really annoyed me was that the girls were the same night after night. It got boring quick.
- stomper

Used to be the only one

12/22/2003 - Rating: 2 Club: 2 Girls: 2
The quality of girls at this place varies so much it is difficult for me to give a rating. However, I would say that it tends to be on the lower side of average. There are several women working there that are quite attractive (you know who you are!) but they are mixed in with very plain women and women whose beauty is beginning to fade.

However, I will say that most of the ladies here work as hard as possible for your money. Rarely have I encountered someone working the stage that was not into it. Colfax is in the Red Light District, and you do get that feeling from this place. It is on the small side, but when I have been it has not been crowded. The atmosphere is okay and the actual building is somewhat dumpy.

Overall, I would say this place is in need of improvement and would rate it "below average".


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