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Smiles Nightclub

Rating: 2.92 out of 5 | Club Type: Nude | Lap Dances: Yes | VIP Area: Yes | Private Rooms: Unknown
Lap Dance: Yes
Lap Dance: $20.00
Full Grind: Yes

Route 376
Poughkeepsie, New York
United States
Phone: (845) 462-2555

Date Added: 2/15/2002

Last Update: 2/21/2008
Private Rooms: Unknown
VIP Area: Yes

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Unknown

Pornstars: No

Dress: Unknown

Bar Type: None

Serve Food: No Food

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Reviews - Review This Club

Grungy club but girls are great

10/5/2011 - Rating: 3.5 Club: 2 Girls: 5
10/4/2011 - Yeah, this club has not changed since 1997, same old furnishings, kinda looks like some 70's man cave. Private dances range from $20 per song - semi private booth, $100 for nude 15 minute - private booth. $5 cover, with $1 for the bar, 1 drink. Two dancers Elle, and Krista, were great, lots of contact, have friendly attitude, some rules but fair. Krista was just plain wild, lots of lap grinding with her, even with the $20 show, Krista would explore your body making you crazy. All the dancers are tall, slim, spinner types. In general, it okay.
- Stripper


3/3/2011 - Rating: 1.5 Club: 2 Girls: 1
the girls here are spreading deseases they will jerk you off in your pants, blow you in the booth for 50 dollars there is a girl name jenn she is missing teeth and is gross she will let you suck her saggy tits and feel her fat ass for almost free.
- rick

Lap dances

11/11/2007 - Rating: 3 Club: 3 Girls: 3
See Holly... enough said!
- Anonymous

Used to rock, now has become mediocre.

1/3/2005 - Rating: 3.5 Club: 4 Girls: 3
Really good hands-on experience. Girls will ride you as long as you keep pumping dollars into thier G string every 20 seconds. Lap dances are $20 in a corner of the club. A lower-class place with lawn chairs and a full nude stage. A totally great time for the money, if you're not shy.
- Beavis Wallace


9/4/2004 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
Full nude juice bar (no booze). Hands on, naked poon on face with special chair dances (keep tongue in mouth, I was scolded once!). Younger girls than other places, and wild chicks! Dollar lap dances (for about 20 seconds). Grabbing boobs and ass, depending on the girl, but each one will tell you her rules. Sit near front door for best service!
- Anonymous

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