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Sugar Daddy's

Rating: 3.83 out of 5 | Club Type: Nude | Lap Dances: Unknown | VIP Area: Unknown | Private Rooms: Unknown
Lap Dance: Unknown
Full Grind: Unknown

500 66th Str NW
St. Cloud, Minnesota
United States
Phone: (320) 529-9100

Date Added: 2/15/2002
Private Rooms: Unknown
VIP Area: Unknown

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Unknown

Pornstars: Unknown

Bar Type: None

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Reviews - Review This Club

Check Out Taylor!

12/3/2007 - Rating: 4 Club: 4 Girls: 4
I was at the club 11-29-07 and had the usual fun. Taylor is awesome. Great body and attitude, she will entertain you with class and her sexy body. Did not have any problems with the girls being pushy and the rest of the staff was ok. I will stop there again on my annual hunting trip and hopefully the same type of treatment will be enjoyed!

Better than some, but not as good as the rest...

9/30/2005 - Rating: 4 Club: 4 Girls: 4
I have been to Sugar Daddy's a few times and I have noticed a few things. The girls, for the most part, are very beautiful. There are few that I would have passed one the street without a second glance. The VIP room is very nice. There is a lot of contact by the girls, so you get what you pay for. The girls that I have seen have been very friendly, but they can get pushy when it comes to geting a couch dance or a VIP dance. However, all in all, this is a nice place.
- Cybersplater

Cobwebs and Wooha

2/2/2003 - Rating: 3.5 Club: 4 Girls: 3
this is a story about strippers we call Cobwebs and Wooha. Wooha was a attractive short black woman that had the bad habit of getting excited on slow quiet nights and yelling WOOHA loud enough to be heard over the incredibly loud speakers above the patrons' head. She ruined several nights for many people that way. The other is Cobwebs. Ive got an interesting story about a stipper ill call "cobwebs". This short haired blonde little bitch of a stipper would not leave my friends or i alone one night. We had brought enough to get in and then some for the tip rail, but pay day wasnt until next week so we didnt have any money for couch dances. Anyway, this bitch comes up to my friend who seemed to be getting alot of attention the whole night and was asking him for a lap dance. He tells her, "Sorry, i only have a few dollars for the tiprail". After that she began demanding a dollar, so my friend jokingly pulled 4 quarters out of his pocket. The bitch snapped instantly. The first thing she spazzed about was where was she supposed to stick them as she had no pockets on her. The guy at the table next to us gave her a perfect suggestion as to where she could put them. While she was talking to him, we werent paying much attention, hoping she would go away. We overheard her saying something about not getting any for so long that she had cobwebs in her twat. It wasnt difficult for us to see why. After that, she left for a little while, but returned in about 15 min. to bitch us out some more. I was trying to ignore most of what she was saying, trying to continue the cliche that men never listen. She then spotted my cousins' pack of cigarettes and said "I'm taking one of these", grabbed one, and lit up. She continued her bitchfest while holding her cigarette above my friends head, while he was trying to avoid getting ashed on. I had enough and finally yelled "Go the F*** away!". Unfortunatly, this pissed her off some more. She began thretening to pay the 25 dollars so she could drag my ass on stage and beat the shit out of me like they do for birthday parties. Convineintly for us, at this time, somone else was getting their ass drug on stage for their birthday beating. She saw this and said "Im gonna go kick this guys ass now, and then im gonna come back" We watched the ass kicking, in horror, felling sorry for the guy as there were two women beating him, one out of humor, the other out of rage. Needless to say we didnt stick around long after that and that my friends is the story of Cobwebs.
- Guido the Killer Pimp

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