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Rating: 5 out of 5 | Club Type: Nude | Lap Dances: Yes | VIP Area: Yes | Private Rooms: Yes
200 beautiful young girls
Lap Dance: Yes
Full Grind: Yes

Bellavista #131
Acapulco, Mexico

Hours: till 7 am

Date Added: 2/15/2002

Last Update: 5/4/2011
Private Rooms: Yes
VIP Area: Yes

Dancer Type: Female

Featured Dancers: Yes

Pornstars: Unknown

Dress: Unknown

Bar Type: Full Bar

Serve Food: Unknown

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Acapulco's Best

5/12/2007 - Rating: 5 Club: 5 Girls: 5
Acapulco's best joint is in fact Tabares (or Tabares II). They are so popular that people use the name "Tabares" to refer to strip joints in general.

Girls are top-notch. I have personally had sex with three of their girls. One only did it for the money, and she wasn't into it at all. But hey, I got off!

I had a threesome with two other chicks... very hot. They spent all their time on me (they didn't do anything lesbo) which was nice, I guess. But the party's over when you cum. Bring your own condoms, they charge a lot for their own. I mean it... if you have a threesome like I did, I was putting new condoms on every 15 minutes or so to go from one girl to the other (they are very safe), even though I didn't cum yet.

Price at Tabares was $150/girl, Threesome ($300). Price at Tabares II was $100/girl, ($200 for threesome). Prices weren't really negotiable because it was "Semana Santa", or the Mardi Gras of Mexico where Acapulco's population goes from 600K to 3 million (ha ha!). So I assume they were charging higher prices. I'm going there soon, we'll see how much it is. I'm gonna fuck the entire place!

- Acapulco Man

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